Tell us how you went above and beyond for a client

It’s no secret that REALTORS® bring a lot of experience and knowledge to their clients. From being able to interpret lengthy contracts to having a strong understanding of the local neighborhoods, there is no mistaking the benefits that one can get from using a REALTOR®.

What might not be so obvious, however, is all the extra care, compassion, and creativity exhibited during a transaction that sets the “REALTOR® Hero” apart. 

We are calling on all SCCAOR Members to share their “REALTOR® Hero” stories. 

We know that our members have some great stories. We want you to tell us about a time where you went above and beyond with one of your clients. We will share these stories on our blog and Facebook page.

Nervous about your writing ability? Don’t worry! Just send us whatever you can without worrying about grammar or spelling. Our editor will work with you to help fine-tune your story and make it ready to publish.

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There is no length requirement, but a good target is about 400-600 words (~1 page typed)

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