Broker Tip: A Reminder that You are the Value

By Bill Rehbock, Coldwell Banker

I am continually reminded how important the role of the agent is in a real estate transaction. You are the value to your clients through your expertise, your tenacity, your creativity, your good will, your level head and your knowledge. Too often I see agents downplay their role by discounting their commissions, or by allowing the buyer to think differently. As an industry, we are under siege with industry-disrupters, technologies in some cases, and in other cases business models that claim to dramatically change the way we do business. While change is inevitable and we all need to evaluate the value each new concept brings to the consumer, in the end – you are still the value to the consumer.

A few weeks ago, two agents showed me a screenshot from Zillow. Zillow was depicting the state of the market in Willow Glen. It stated that Willow Glen was a “buyer’s market.” For those agents who work the Willow Glen market – this is laughable! While the high end in Willow Glen may be a little slower, the entry and mid-level markets of Willow Glen would in no way be considered a “buyer’s market.” But, we know how Zillow works – it is an algorithm with no human intervention.

You are the value! I see countless examples each day of agents working incredibly hard to provide a good life for themselves and their families. You are what makes this industry great.