What are the benefits of being a member of SCCAOR?

  • Ensuring the REALTOR® Voice in the Legislative Process
  • Reducing Your Legal Liability
  • Providing Support For Your Business
  • Increasing your Productivity and Expanding Your Skills
  • Saving You Money on Products and Services
  • Securing Your Future Through Retirement and Insurance Options
  • Giving You Visibility to Consumers
  • Saving You Time
  • Keeping You ‘In the Know’
  • Connecting You with The Local Real Estate Community
  • Free Tech Support Hotline
  • Free Video Profile
  • Free Professional Headshot

What is Secondary Membership?

Secondary membership is an opportunity for a REALTOR® or Broker member who has already stated their primary status with another Association to enjoy the benefits and services of another association.

I have a key through BAREIS / Metrolist MLS, does my key automatically work in your area?

Your key would need to be co-op’d to have access in our area. We bill you for 3 months of access and one-time processing fee. click here for the coop form

How do I receive eKey Updates

Anytime the eKEY app is opened in cell or WiFi range it will automatically update on its own. No more cradling or tethering to your computer. It works on all iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones.

How to Setup General Email Notifications For Your Keybox

Please click here to view the step by step instructions on the Supra support website

How to Setup Showing Notifications For A KeyBox

Please click here to view the step by step instructions on the Supra support website

How to Update an Expired Supra eKey

Please click here to view the step by step instructions on the Supra support website

How Do I Update My Personal or Office information on MLS

Please click here to view step by step instructions on the MLS website.

Where can I find the MLS Application for Assistant Access and the Fee form

To view or print the Assistant Access Form, click here.

To view or print the Schedule of Fees Electronic Form, click here.

Mr. REALTOR ® leaves his signs on the street even when there is no "Open House". I have seen his signs when coming home at night. Who can I contact?

Please contact the City of San Jose Code Enforcement Department at 408 535-7770.

I want to report that Mr. REALTOR® has not changed the status on his listing to reflect that it is pending. It has been 10 days and it still hasn’t been changed.

This is an MLS related issue. Please contact the Compliance Department at 408 874-0200 Ext 5.

I am the buyer. The seller was supposed to leave the refrigerator and it isn’t here. The built-in oven and microwave does not have a connection and are not usable.

The Association does not have jurisdiction between buyers and sellers.  This would be referred to mediation, arbitration or small claims court outside of the Association.

What is the cancellation policy for SCCAOR classes

If you must cancel or reschedule your reservation, a full refund will be issued if notification is received by email, or in writing (not by telephone), three (3) days prior to class. Those who book within three (3) days are not eligible for cancelation or refunds. To cancel, please send an email to education@sccaor.com and identify the name of the course and include the order number associated with the purchase of the course. In the event that a student should fail to attend a class, the tuition for said class is forfeited and will not be transferred to future classes. SCCAOR reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course. If cancelation occurs, SCCAOR will issue a full refund. In the event of rescheduling, SCCAOR will send immediate notification and transfer all reservations, including payment, to the new date.

Rev. 1.29.2018

How do I open an iBox BT LE with an Android™ or Apple® Device

Please click here to view the step by step instructions on the Supra support website

How will I pay for my eKEY subscription?

SCCAOR has contracted with Supra to provide you with a convenient monthly billing program that will be debited from your credit card.

When using my eKEY, what if I am out of cell range?

The eKEY app opens the box via Bluetooth technology so no cellular service is needed.

What is Mobile SupraWEB?

Mobile SupraWEB is only available within the eKEY software. It allows the user to manage their listings and showing information so that agents can create reports for their clients, send updates about a particular listing to agents who recently showed your listing, or provide feedback to other agents. You can also set up showing alerts and manage your BT LE lock box while on the go.

How do I release the shackle on an iBox BT LE

Please click here to view step by step instructions on the Supra website.

How do I Open an iBox BT LE with your Android™ or Apple® Device

Please click here to view step by step instructions on the Supra website.

How do I ask the SCCAOR Board to sponsor my event?

If your organization would like to request sponsorship funds from the Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS®, please consider the following list of criteria. While this is not a mandatory list, event sponsorship’s that provide the following for our Association are more likely to be approved.

  • The event is related to the real estate/housing industry
  • The event will have networking opportunities
  • SCCAOR receives complimentary tickets to the event
  • SCCAOR receives branding on event collateral
  • SCCAOR gets the opportunity to speak at the event
  • The event benefits SCCAOR as a whole

To request sponsorship funds from SCCAOR:

  • Please click here to fill-out the sponsorship request form.
  • All requests will be reviewed by the SCCAOR Board of Directors

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