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Those that volunteer for SCCAOR leadership positions receive experience, networking opportunities, and avenues to influence the direction of the Association. SCCAOR’s various committees cull future leadership for our Board of Directors, who influence the real estate industry on the state and national levels.

Please fill out the form with your committee preferences. A committee chair or staff liaison will contact you. Thank for your interest in contributing your valuable time with one of our committees.

Affiliate Committee

The Affiliate Committee consists of members who are from different sectors of the real estate industry. Together, they collaborate to come up with innovative ideas that will add value to the real estate community. The committee is dedicated to providing education, knowledge and value. If you’re an Affiliate, please consider joining.

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee reviews ethical complaints and violations of the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics.

Finance Committee

Finance committee reviews SCCAOR’s budgets and ensures the financial success of the Association.

Local Candidate Recommendation Committee

The Local Candidate Recommendation Committee (LCRC) ensures SCCAOR’s voice is heard in the political arena through its process of endorsing candidates for office.

Local Government Relations Committee

The Local Government Relations (LGR) Committee educates members and the public on property rights & real estate issues. The committee reviews proposed ordinances and takes positions of support or opposition.

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards committee enforces the code of ethics and equal opportunities by resolving disputes between members and the general public.

Special Events

The purpose of the Special Events Committee is to assist staff with planning and organizing Member Baseball Night, Convention and Trade show, and the Holiday Celebration. They also focus on the strategy, attendance and revenue generation for the events.

Young Professionals Network

The Young Professionals Network is geared towards those ‘Young’ in the business and helping you to develop the skills, knowledge and expertise to be successful REALTORS®.  Click here to visit the YPN page to view upcoming events.

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