RAF is a vital service for you and your business. By contributing, you are helping to protect the rights of REALTORS® and property rights through advocacy efforts, ballot measures, and candidate campaigns. We know COVID was a time of difficulty and uncertainty, but because of that, we need your support more than ever to help fight for the real estate industry. This year, through our advocacy efforts, the San Jose City Council was convinced to vote down the Community Opportunity to Purchase Act (COPA) – which, if enacted, would have created far reaching negative consequences for REALTORS® and their clients on transaction timelines, ability to sell, reduced sales values for homes, and more. Furthermore, the policy would have negatively impacted the general public with larger bureaucracy, no increase in housing stock in a time of great demand, and no ability to financially pencil out for its declared purpose of preserving housing affordability. The advocacy work is never done, however, as now we face the prospect of expensive and unfunded home electrification mandates at both the Bay Area regional and statewide levels that have the possibility of becoming the most burdensome point-of-sale mandate in state and national history.  Additionally, as we look towards the next election cycle in 2024, we face numerous critical political races, with elected allies to defend, property rights opponents to unseat, and open seats to win. Electing officials who support private property and successfully advocating on the issues are necessary to protect our industry, businesses, and community.

Your participation will keep this going! Contributions to the REALTOR® Action Fund have:

  • Played a critical role in helping real estate to be deemed an essential service in 2020

  • Stopped point of sale mandates that could have cost the homeowner $1000s of dollars reducing their equity or may have even prevented the sale from going through

  • Prevented direct taxing of REALTOR® commissions and other services related to the transaction

  • Supported political candidates who fight for REALTOR® issues

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