Broker Tip: You Are in The Business of Making it Rain

By Stephen Theard, Coldwell Banker

Many enter the real estate industry with dreams of listing and selling multiple homes as either a supplement to existing household income or as a full-fledged business venture. What most new REALTORS® and some seasoned professionals do not understand is that it is your priority to make it rain leads. During my time working for PricewaterhouseCoopers, there was always one partner in the office who was known for making it rain. He/She was usually the relationship partner and was adept at meeting with various clients of the firm bringing back opportunities for projects.  Notice that I said “opportunities” (i.e leads for more projects). Without the consistent flow of opportunities or leads, the partnership was in danger of shutting down. Once the opportunities or leads were brought into the office, it was up to the various specialists to convert them into billable hours. Billable hours equals income for an accounting firm and the revenue needed to keep the firm afloat.

The same concept holds true for REALTORS®. You must train yourself to be the rainmaker for your personal business. Making it rain must be your number one priority or your business will shut down.  Once the leads are cultivated, a REALTORS® job is to convert the leads into listings or sales. However, once you have successfully landed a listing or buyer, your mindset should change to: Where is the next one coming from? If you have two deals, where are the next two coming from? (and so on and so on).  With this type of thinking and action, your business will grow and remain consistent throughout your real estate career. Leads are everywhere — and most of them are free — so go out and become the rainmaker for your business today!