Effective Time Management Using the PIN System

Years ago, I learned a simple time management system—the PIN System — which has always worked for me.  Here is how it works:

Divide your work time between Productive, Indirectly Productive, and Non-Productive.

Productive time is spent directly, face-to-face with clients or prospects, showing property and writing offers—nothing else. Indirect time is time spent leading directly to productive time— prospecting, meeting people and networking with potential clients (not agents). Non-productive is everything else—all escrow work, Facebook, mailings or emails.

Spend one-third of your time prospecting, one-third with clients and one-third getting ready or handling current business and you will always have a solid business.

Tracking and evaluating your time is key. Total your “P, “I” and ” N” times at the end of the day and again at the end of the week. Some days will be heavy on non-productive time and others, hopefully, will be productive. Evaluate and focus on the weakest area. In the beginning you will have more prospecting time. As soon as you get some clients you tend to let the prospecting disappear. Don’t let that happen! And don’t overload the non-productive stuff. Tracking daily you refocus quickly for balance.

When I am low on productive time, I start calling clients, friends, really anyone and asking for business—that’s “I” time. When you are successful in business, hire someone to do most of your “N” time and increase your “P” & “I” time. Don’t forget the time you manage is “N” time. Open House is “I” time only when you are talking with people. Otherwise, it’s “N” time. “N” time really grows and it’s a constant battle to prospect, meet people and develop relationships.

Dividing and consistently tracking your time will keep you focused and balanced. It’s simple, really.