REAL Awards Criteria

Who qualifies for an award? SCCAOR members are automatically considered for the REAL Awards based on MLSListings data.   To be recognized, an agent must meet either the units or sales volume requirements based on sales that closed in 2023. The agent must also be a member in good standing with the National Association of REALTORS® and SCCAOR.

  • Awards are based on either sales volume or units sold, including listings or sales units entered into the MLSListings, and closed in 2023, whichever is greater. This is not a perfect system. Listings entered into other MLS systems that share data with MLSListings may be included if proof of the transactions is provided.
  • New home construction listings
  • Off Market Sales
  • Mobile Homes
  • If an agent is supported by co-agents, the sales data will not reflect co-agent production.
  • Only the lead agent is recognized. There is an option for a team award instead of an individual award, should the agent whose name appears on the transactions so choose. If interested, please email
  • Production credit was given only to the primary agent as shown in the MLSListings.
  • Percentage rankings include all agents who belong to SCCAOR.

What are the awards that will be granted and what was used to qualify?

Top 1% = 18 Sides or at least $28,174,675 in volume
Top 3% = 12 Sides or at least $16,119,000 in volume
Top 5% = 9 Sides or at least $11,905,000 volume
Top 10% = 6 Sides or at least $7,291,001 in volume

What if I believe that I qualify and my sales were miscalculated? We are very sorry. Computer systems, membership databases, and MLS systems and their users are not perfect, but they are the tools our committee had available to make the determination. Here are some of the reasons that may explain qualification discrepancies:

  • Transactions under multiple brokers that didn’t transfer over completely.
  • Transactions originated in an MLS that was not included.
  • Off MLS listings– for example, new home sales.
  • Teams can be comprised of many agents who list separately. There is no clear method for tracking team sales in this scenario.
  • The listing agent did not enter the correct sales agent in the transaction record. In this case, please bring sales agent proof to SCCAOR’s attention by submitting your production through the link below. If the committee concurs, the data will be corrected.

If you think you should be recognized, or that your performance was under-reported, please email to submit proof of closed sales units and volume. MLSListings listing numbers must be included.

Co-Listing agents/co-selling agents are not included. Credit goes to primary agents only. For co-listing credit, please refer to the Team Award.

Challenge submissions are due by

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Applying for a Team Award. What if I work with other agents on a team? What if we produce more collectively than for which we have been recognized? What is our option?

  • To be considered a team, agents must comply with DRE rules that outline the requirements for teams. These rules are in this FAQ provided by C.A.R. Team names that are not in compliance will not be recognized.
  • Independent sales agents on a team can apply together for a 1%, 3%, 5%, or 10% award and receive it as a team. You cannot receive both an individual and a team award.
  • Apply for a Team Award by adding production and qualify for a higher percentile by including production from other team members or to change your individual contribution award to a Team Award in the same percentile.