REALTOR® Action Fund $23 in ’23

There has never been a more critical time in our history as REALTORS® to stand up and support our industry. Exterior forces from the government, political candidates, tenant groups, and private companies are looking to dismantle private property rights.

It has become undoubtedly clear the intentions and lengths to which these entities are willing to go to disrupt the hardworking professionals that makeup America’s Largest Trade Association. How can you help prevent this from happening? Thankfully, we have the REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF).

RAF fuels a vital service for you and your business. By contributing, you are helping to protect the rights of REALTORS® and private property rights through advocacy efforts, ballot measures, and candidate campaigns. Last year alone, RAF saved each REALTOR® an average of $10,634 worth of taxes, fees, regulatory costs, liability costs, and lost compensation.

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