SCCAOR Endorses Candidates for the City of Santa Clara General Election

The Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS® (SCCAOR) is proud to announce endorsements for the following candidates for the City of Santa Clara General Election.

  • City of Santa Clara District 4 Incumbent Councilmember Teresa O’Neil
  • City of Santa Clara District 5 Council Candidate Bob O’Keefe
  • City of Santa Clara District 6 Council Candidate Anthony Becker

The SCCAOR Board of Directors recognizes these candidates as aligning with our mission as a pro-housing and property rights association and are proud to offer them our endorsement. To get involved in either candidate’s race or if you are interested in any promotional material, such as lawn signs, please contact the candidate on their campaign websites listed below.

Councilmember O’Neill is a longtime resident of Santa Clara and cares deeply about the community and the residents. She believes her primary duty is to represent the residents of Santa Clara. She believes that a solid economic foundation is critical to the ongoing success of Santa Clara. Her top priorities include focusing on the economic recovery and growth needed after the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing the availability and affordability of housing in the City of Santa Clara.

“I am very pleased to have the support of the Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS®. I hope we can work together to find better ways to make sure everyone in Santa Clara County has a home. This is such a difficult challenge and we need all hands on deck to find a solution.”
-Teresa O’Neill


Bob is a proud native of the City of Santa Clara and now is ready to serve the City he has called home and loved for many years. He has a passion for public service as a retired Lieutenant of the CA Highway Patrol, Board Member of the Old Quad Residents Association, and former member of the Neighborhood – University Subcommittee. Bob is committed to re-vitalizing the downtown core and building more affordable ownership housing opportunities in the City of Santa Clara.

 “I consider SCCAOR a vital community stakeholder and look forward to a long and engaging relationship.”
-Bob O’Keefe


Anthony is a lifelong Santa Claran and current member of the Planning Commission. He is ready to take his public service to the next level by representing District 6 as their Councilmember. His background on the Planning Commission gives him the expertise needed to continue to increase development opportunities in the City of Santa Clara. Anthony has seen the cost of living in the region skyrocket during his life and wants to make housing more affordable and available for all residents. He is supportive of facilitating more mixed use housing development by reducing barriers to construction such as a cumbersome planning process, complex fees, and unnecessary requirements such as parking minimums.