Under the Revised Risk Reduction Order, ALL businesses must complete a NEW Social Distancing Protocol using the revised web form that can be found at the link below.  Businesses must complete their Revised Social Distancing Protocols within 14 days of when the Revised Order takes effect, so the protocol must be completed by Wednesday, October 28th.

  • The Social Distancing Protocol does not need to be filled out for any listed property (state forms such as PEAD still need to be completed)
  • Anyone working at a listed property should have a copy of a completed Social Distancing Protocol available should they be asked to provide one to a compliance officer
  • Large brokerages with a physical office need to complete a Social Distancing Protocol for all physical offices, post it at the entrance, and distribute it to all staff including agents
  • Small brokerages and independent agents with no physical office need to complete a Social Distancing Protocol by checking the box for “No Business Facility” and including the mailing address at which they receive all work documents

“Are real estate agents required to submit Revised Social Distancing Protocols?”

Yes.  Real estate agents are required to complete, submit, and implement a Revised Social Distancing Protocol.  If a real estate agent has their own facility that is visited by personnel or the public, the Protocol must account for both the facility itself and the work the real estate agent performs at any off-site locations (like home viewings).  If the real estate agent does not have their own facility, a Protocol is still required, and the real estate agent should select the “No Business Facility” box at the top of the webform.

This video gives an overview of how to properly complete and submit the form”