Vietnam Trade Mission — Success Story

By Hai Dang

I am honored to have been part of inaugural VNARP Trade Mission to Vietnam. I had the opportunity to travel and learn from our 30 delegates from Bay Area. I also met so many wonderful people in Vietnam during the trip. Our executive team worked very hard to assemble a top notched agenda that consisted of meeting with local developers of real estate and government officials from each of the cities that we visited. Of course, we did have some down time to learn more about the Vietnamese culture and especially the local foods from each city.

Our delegation met with successful Vietnamese developers such as FLC, CEO and Sacom Real.  I personally had the opportunity to meet local investors that have expressed an interest in investing real estate in the United States. I also had the opportunity to present them with Vietnam Town project in San Jose.

One particular group is an investment company that represented 20 of their investors to invest in Florida.  After my Vietnam Town presentation, the CEO of this group decided to shift some of his clients to invest in San Jose, specifically the Vietnam Town project.  I am confident that we will have at least 5 potential buyers from this group as we are in the process of planning out their client’s schedule to visit San Jose later this year.

I also did a presentation of the Vietnam Town project to a couple of individual investors that I met during the trip. To my surprise, the interest level was very high and we have already scheduled 3 of the investors to tour Vietnam Town later this summer. From the interest level, these investors are ready to buy/invest anywhere between $3 million to $5 million.

By end of this year, I am confident that my sales volume will be close to $10M from investors in Vietnam.  I know once initial investors buy in the United States, they will refer all of their family and friends in Vietnam to also buy here.

Overall, I am blessed to have the opportunity to be part of the VNARP Trade Mission. I am honored as well to have met many new friends from our delegation and to all the people I met in Vietnam.