As of December 1, 2021, your XpressKEY is no longer supported by Supra.

All XpressKEY holders must transition to eKEY to avoid service interruption.


The eKEY® is a simple app you can download on your smartphone.

No more remembering to charge and bring an extra device – your phone is your key!

The SCCAOR Membership Services Team is on standby to activate your new key at both the San Jose and Gilroy Locations.
Activation can not be finalized via telephone and MUST be finalized in person.

(To avoid longer wait times, appointments are recommended but not required.  Walk-ins are welcome!

Why has Supra phased out the XpressKEY?

XpressKEYs run on 3G and the device will no longer work once cellular carriers phase out 3G network services.  As network providers like AT&T and others move towards 5G, the 3G network is expected to shut down.

As a result, Supra has announced the discontinuation of the XpressKEY and XpressKEY users must transition to the Supra eKEY before December 1, 2021, to avoid service interruption.


More About the Supra eKEY

With over 3,000 local SCCAOR members that are already utilizing the SUPRA eKEY for keybox access, don’t delay and make the transition today!


So, what’s next? 
  1. Download the Supra eKEY app onto your smartphone or tablet.  There is no cost to download the app.  The app is inactive until you have enrolled in a subscription.
  2. Once you have downloaded the app, schedule an appointment with our Membership Services Department to activate your eKEY subscription and authorize your eKey app.  (Walk-ins are also welcome.)



  1. Improved functionality.  No more carrying around an additional device — your smartphone IS your key.  Or if you want to use a separate device, the eKEY can be used on an Apple Watch or with a tablet.
  2. Improved connectivity.  The app works even when you don’t have good reception. As long as the app is updated once daily while within cell tower coverage or while on wifi, you are good for the entire day — regardless of how remote your showing area may be.
  3. Accessibility.  The app supports biometric authorization (Face and Touch ID) so you can quickly access the app. And, the eKEY provides you with the option to input your PIN code only once per day and will remain active until midnight of that day.
  4. Easy download.  Downloading the app is quick and easy. Search your App or Play Store for “Supra eKEY”. Download typically takes less than 30 seconds.  Once you have downloaded the eKEY app, contact SCCAOR at (408) 445-8500 to authorize your eKEY.
  5. Monthly billing.  The eKEY is billed monthly, as opposed to an annual fee. Because billing is monthly and there’s no physical device to buy or rent, it’s easy to cancel via email if you no longer need the service.

Additional features designed to streamline your business:

  • Listing information displayed after a keybox has been opened
  • Track your keybox inventory
  • Read your keyboxes to view all activity
  • View your Call-Before-Showing (CBS) keybox codes
  • Easily monitor your showings on your listings in the eKEY app
  • Use the Agent Alert feature to send alert messages via email or text

Learn more about the Supra eKEY HERE.

Please email membership@sccaor.com or call (408) 445-8500 with any questions.