June 15th Statewide Reopening Guidance for Real Estate Industry

June 15, 2021

The Blueprint for a Safer Economy and the Stay-at-Home Order have been rescinded and California is now entering the “Beyond the Blueprint” phase, fully reopening the economy.  Effective June 15, 2021, restrictions such as physical distancing, capacity limits and the county tier system have ended.  A relaxed mask guidance for vaccinated Californians to match the CDC’s guidance has also taken effect and will supersede all prior face coverings guidance.

Guidelines and Restrictions on Face Coverings

  • Although a relaxed mask guidance for the general public has taken effect on the 15th, Cal/OSHA – the department that sets and enforces standards to protect the health and safety of working Californians – will meet on Thursday, June 17th, to determine mask guidance in the workplace.
  • SCCAOR advises all agents and members of the general public to take a cautious approach and continue to wear masks in showings and brokerage offices until Cal/OSHA meets again on Thursday, June 17th, and provides further clarity.

Guidelines and Restrictions for Open Houses and Showings

  • No physical distancing for attendees, guests, and customers
  • No capacity limits (for gatherings under 5,000 attendees)
  • No cleaning requirements (However, CalOSHA recommends cleaning high touch surfaces such as door knobs, handrails, faucets, countertops, etc…)
  • No PEADs or any type of sign-in required
  • No posted rules of entry or signage needed for listed properties
  • No one will have to attest to their current health status
  • No one will have to agree to an office prevention plan
  • No restrictions on door-knocking and distribution of promotional materials, including flyers and business cards


Can a seller require that everyone entering the property wear a mask or be vaccinated?

  • Yes. The selling party can set stricter requirements for showing property
  • The seller can:
    • require all visitors to wear a mask
    • require all visitors to be vaccinated or show a negative COVID test
    • implement a vaccine verification to determine whether individuals are required to wear a mask.
    • provide information to all visitors regarding vaccination requirements and allow vaccinated individuals to self-attest that they are in compliance prior to entry.

Contact C.A.R. Member Legal Services at (213) 739-8282 for additional guidance and visit the C.A.R. June 15th Reopening page for answers to frequently asked questions.

Brokerage Office Guidelines

  • Brokerage offices are still required to maintain a written COVID-19 Prevention Plan to identify areas and activities that could expose workers to COVID, have a process to screen workers, and train workers about COVID prevention and safety
  • Physical distancing is still required in offices
  • Santa Clara County remains under the May18th Local Health Order that requires businesses to ascertain the vaccination status of all “personnel” but will otherwise adhere to the state’s reopening guidelines

Continue to follow SCCAOR updates as guidelines continue to evolve. Updates will continue to occur and will be made real time to the Transactions Resource Center.

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