Blanca Lopez has joined SCCAOR as our new Membership Coordinator. Working alongside our membership services team, Blanca will help new REALTORS® and Affiliates join SCCAOR and assist current members with everything relating to their Association membership.

“I am happy to start my career with SCCAOR and I look forward to providing the best customer service to our members,” said Lopez. “I want them to have a great experience and be happy to be a part of this Association.”

Before joining SCCAOR, Blanca was a project coordinator for a company that provided interpretation services to doctors and attorneys.

“Blanca is a great addition to our Membership team,” said Tracey Lee, Membership Services Manager. “Her background in customer service will be a great benefit to our organization.”

In her free time, Blanca enjoys jogging, watching sports, and listening to music.

“I love to listen to 80’s music and techno,” she said.

 If you ever have any questions, you can reach our Membership Services team by phone (408-445-8500), email (, and also via live chat on our website.

After conducting extensive in-person interviews with potential candidates for the Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS® Board of Director and Officer positions, our Nominating Committee has made their choices for 2020 President-Elect, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer. These candidates will join President Sandy Jamison, who will automatically become President after having served as President-Elect in 2019 (This cycle will continue next year as the 2020 President-Elect will automatically become President in 2021).

2020 SCCAOR Officers:


The Nominating Committee also chose the following 2020 Director Candidates:

Jen Beehler
Elizabeth Monley
John Scaglione
Will Chea
Gustavo Gonzalez*
Derek Essary – 2020 SCRA Representative**

* Per SCCAOR policy, the immediate Past President is given a three-year term.

**Per SCCAOR Bylaws, one director shall be designated by the South County REALTORS® Alliance to serve a one-year term from January 1,
2020 through December 31, 2020.

Petition: Candidates for officers or directors, other than those candidates selected by the Nominating Committee, may be nominated by written petition on a form from SCCAOR. You may pick up the petition form at SCCAOR. The petition must be signed by 150 or more REALTOR® members in good standing and be delivered to the Chief Executive Officer at SCCAOR not later than noon on July 22, 2019 (as prescribed in the SCCAOR Bylaws Article 10, Section 5). If you have any questions, please contact Alma Moreno or Neil Collins at (408) 445-8500.

Timeline of Election of Board of Directors

July 22 – Deadline to petition to be on the ballot.
July 24 – Record Date (Voting members must have their current e-mail address on file at SCCAOR prior to this date. Contact Member Services or go online to ensure your e-mail address is current.)
August 1 – Online voting begins at 8:00 a.m. (E-ballot sent via e-mail to all eligible members.)
August 23 – Online polls close at 5:00 p.m.
August 27 – Election results reported to Board of Directors.

Special Thanks to the SCCAOR Nominating Committee

Rick Smith, Chairperson (Past President 2017)
Kevin Cole, Vice-Chairperson (Past President 2018)
Trisha Motter, (Past President 2016)
Craig Gorman, (Past President 2015)
Myron Von Raesfeld, (Past President 2014)
Carl San Miguel, (Past President 2013)
Barbara Lymberis, (Past President 2012)
Jim Myrick, (Past President 2005)
Steve Hanleigh, (Past President 2002)
Karen Nelsen, (SCRA President 2019)
Tam Quach, SCCAOR Board of Director
Don Jessup, 2019 Foundation Chair & SCCAOR Board of Director
Kelly Hunt, SCCAOR Member
Anne Hansen, SCCAOR Member

Thank you to all our members who came out to our second General Membership Meeting of the year. We were welcomed by our 2019 President, Gustavo Gonzalez, who welcomed the packed crowd and shared some SCCAOR updates. We then heard from Otto Catrina, candidate for C.A.R. President-Elect 2021.

This meeting also featured a fantastic panel that discussed Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) aka “Granny Units”. A huge thank you to our panelists: Bob Wieckowski (CA District 10 Senator), Pam Foley (San Jose Councilmember), Rosalynn Hughey (Director of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement for San Jose), and Steve Vallejos (President of prefabADU). The panel was moderated by Chrissy Garavaglia (SCCAOR Government Affairs Director).

SCCAOR then recognized Membership Milestones for our long-standing members. Congratulations to everyone who hit a milestone!

We concluded the meeting with a local government affairs update from Chrissy Garavaglia, a C.A.R. update from Rick Smith, an NAR update from Mike Sibilia, and an MLSListings update from Karl Lee. You can see all the photos from this meeting on our Facebook page.

You can watch an archive of the Facebook Live video here:

This was the first SCCAOR General Membership meeting that featured interactive live polling. We asked the audience two questions after the panel on Accessory Dwelling Units, and they were able to cast their vote with their smartphone. The results of each question were then displayed live on the TVs in the room. Here are the results from each question:


In the wake of some recently reported thefts that have occurred during open houses in Santa Clara County, we would like to remind all our members to stay vigilant when putting on an open house. Individuals have been attending open houses where they pose as potential buyers. While in the home, they are targeting wallets, purses, jewelry, and other small items.

Since holding an open house will expose you to people that you’ve never met before, it is critical that you follow all possible safety precautions. Even a buyer that seems legitimate could quickly decide to steal a small item on a whim. We encourage you to read NAR’s blog post on 10 tips for holding a safe open house and watch this video on open house safety.

SCCAOR reached out to local Brokers to see what tips they offer to their agents when it comes to preventing theft at an open house. The following information comes from Doug Goss, Broker Associate of Keller Williams Bay Area Estates:

What advice and/or training do you provide to agents in regards to open houses?

“The C.A.R. Residential Listing Agreement Paragraph 10 and Seller’s Advisory Paragraph 4C address Security Precautions. We recommend that Agents go over these paragraphs in detail with the Seller so they understand there is risk with people coming through the home during showings or open house and to make sure all valuables are put away and secured. This includes, cash, jewelry, prescription drugs, firearms, cell phones, laptops/tablets and other valuables. I have also added expensive perfume to the list as I had a client in Willow Glen last year who had a bottle of expensive perfume stolen from the top of her bedroom dresser during an Open House.”

What tips do you have for providing a high level of service and protecting the homeowner’s assets?

Prior to an Open House, take a look around the property to make sure nothing has been left out that may be tempting for someone to walk away with. If you do find something, place in a drawer for safe keeping and let the Seller know where you placed it or replace when you are finished. Also, on large properties or multi-story properties, we recommend having assistance with the Open House. Many Lenders love to co-host Open Houses with Agents so they can pre-qualify potential Buyers and pick up business. It provides another set of eyes and ears to keep track of visitors when they are in different areas of the property. Also, when you are finished with an Open House, go back and double check ALL windows and doors. I have heard of thieves going through Open Houses and unlocking windows and doors so they can come back after the Open House and gain access.

Any other information that you can share?

Always let somebody know where you are holding Open House. If you are holding Open House in a remote area, always have someone co-host with you. Some areas have limited cell access and could be very risky. Also, when you are hosting an Open House, make sure you secure your own valuables while at the Open House. Do not leave your purse, briefcase, cell phone or laptop out in the open. While you are showing the home to a potential Buyer, a thief could easily take these items (or wallet, cash, credit cards out of a purse) and walk out with them.

The Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS® is happy to announce the promotion of Samantha Gutierrez to Education & Events Coordinator. She will join our Events and Education department after having already worked for over a year as a Membership Coordinator with the Association.

“I am very excited to be starting this new journey with SCCAOR,” said Gutierrez. “I look forward to being a part of bringing members the best possible events and classes that SCCAOR can provide.”

Samantha will report to Jodee Sousa, SCCAOR’s Education & Events Manager, and assist with the planning and marketing for all classes hosted in the SCCAOR office as well as all the member related events organized throughout the year.

“I am looking forward to working with Sam on education and events,” said Sousa. “She brings a lot of great insight from working directly with our members and she has already hit the ground running with some fresh ideas that our members will benefit from.”

In her free time, Samantha enjoys practicing the art of Improv comedy. She also enjoys watching the San Jose Sharks and enjoying the Bay Area music scene.

See all our upcoming Events and Classes on the SCCAOR Calendar.